Are your Symptoms caused by Inflammation?

chronic inflammationWhen giving yourself a wellness makeover, you need to start somewhere. So I suggest that you start where you can get the “biggest bang for your effort” – reducing inflammation throughout your body.

Inflammation is actually part of the body’s immune system and under the right circumstances, it is a good thing. If you get a cut, a certain amount of inflammation will occur around the cut and that is part of the healing process. Your body is protecting and healing itself.

However, when your body gets out of balance and your immune system goes on “overdrive”, then your body starts treating everyday things like the food you eat as if those things were invaders, and you start to get chronic inflammation. This type of chronic inflammation is a major contributor to weight gain and illness.  Inflammation has been shown to cause disease and chronic pain. If your body is in a general state of inflammation, you aren’t healthy. You are probably gaining weight, feeling chronic pain, and experiencing a wide range of symptoms indicative of a body in crisis.

How to Reduce Inflammation?

Inflammation can be related to body movement – regular walking is non-inflammatory. Some body movements can be inflammatory. Placing undue stress on your joints can be very inflammatory.

The best way for reducing inflammation is to control taking in substances that your body considers “toxic” and reacts to with an inflammatory response. When I say substances, I mean food, beverages, medicine, and chemicals that pass into your body. You might eat things that seem like they are healthy foods. But your body could be sensitive to them and they could be causing inflammation. You might apply lotions to your skin, thinking they are harmless body lotions. Yet so many lotions are really filled with chemical substances that your body might be reacting to as if they were toxic. You might even have a prescription for something that ends up being inflammatory for YOU.

My emphasis is on YOU and YOUR BODY. “What is inflammatory to me” might not be inflammatory to you and vice versa. In order to get healthy, you need to find out what your body is rejecting and stop ingesting that. It’s as personal as your fingerprint.

Sure, there are certain things that tend to be inflammatory for a large percentage of people, but you will only reclaim the good health you deserve if you uncover your health fingerprint – the unique combination of things your body rejects and the things your body needs. That is why any “one size fits all” approach is doomed to failure. When someone proclaims that everyone has to give up dairy or gluten, they aren’t being accurate. It is their philosophy, but it’s not science based.

A Blueprint for your Health

You need to create a new blueprint for your health – a blueprint based on your health fingerprint and on observing your own body to determine what works for you and what is causing you  difficulty. You need to discover which foods and substances produce an inflammatory response in your body. Some foods irritate the immune system of large groups of people. These include dairy, soy, gluten, corn, eggs, nuts, and citrus. You could have sensitivities to one or more of these possible irritants.

Eliminating them temporarily and then gradually bringing them back into your diet one at a time is a standard approach for determining your own food sensitivities.

What is the possible payoff for removing these irritants? You will most likely have a significant improvement in your health. I knew of one woman who was scheduled for multiple hand surgeries because of uncontrolled arthritis. After removing several irritating foods from her diet, the swelling was significantly reduced in her hands and she was able to avoid all of the recommended surgeries, along with gaining strength back in the hand that hadn’t been there for many years!

Frequently people will lose weight, their diabetes will improve, and they will enjoy good health again. In order to enjoy these benefits, work with your personal physician to develop a plan for reducing inflammation in your body.

Do you think that you may have chronic inflammation? Schedule an appointment today to find out!


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